I Was Told to Join Cu!t, Engage in R!tua! To ‘Blow’ – Phyno


The famous rapper, Phyno, recently shared his own journey to fame and gave advice to aspiring artists. He talked about the challenges he faced when he was just starting out in the music industry.


He mentioned that back then, some people advised him to join a cult or do rituals to achieve success in his career.


Phyno strongly discouraged young artists from taking desperate measures or choosing the so-called ‘easy’ path to success. Instead, he urged them to work hard and strive genuinely for their goals. He explained that some record labels exploit the desperation of young talents and make them sign unfavorable contracts.



Phyno emphasized that success doesn’t come overnight and that young artists should be patient and avoid making hasty decisions. He shared that he believed in himself and the power of hard work, and that’s how he made progress in his career.


In essence, Phyno’s message is that aspiring artists should focus on their craft, stay persistent, and not rush into deals that might harm their future prospects. Hard work and consistency, according to him, are the keys to success in the music industry.

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