“I might end up p0isoning him with the way I feel” – Igbo woman reveals how the alleged attack on Igbos is affecting her marriage to a Yoruba man


An Igbo woman who is married to a Yoruba man has opened up about how the purported assault on Igbos in Lagos is impacting her marriage.

During the gubernatorial election in Lagos held last Saturday, it was reported that several individuals of Igbo descent.

As well as those who were perceived to look like Igbos, were allegedly attacked by hooligans and prevented from casting their votes.

Igbo woman

Nigerian chef and YouTuber, Yemisi Sophie Odusanya, also known as Sisi Yemmie, recounted how she and her spouse were denied the opportunity to vote in the Lagos state gubernatorial election since, according to the hooligans, they looked like Igbos.


On Twitter, she claimed that they were repulsed by purported hooligans who asserted that they resembled Igbos.

Tragically, after the election, the supposed assaults persisted against Igbos residing in Abule-Ado and Abule-Osun in Ojo, Lagos State.

In response to the alleged attack, an Igbo woman stated that the incident led to a dispute with her Yoruba spouse.

She stated that she spoke to her husband in an uncharacteristically severe manner for the first time, and now she is apprehensive that she may inadvertently hurt him.

A Twitter user then advised her to divorce her husband, to which she replied, “I will, because I might end up poisoning him with the way I feel”

Igbo woman tweet

Igbo woman tweet

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