“I lost my wife due to my weak fleshly desires” – Man cries out


A man, Michael Williams, who has taken to social media to express his sorrow and regret over his failed marriage, has admitted he’s the one to blame for it, due to his “weak fleshly desires”.

He admitted that he had pushed his wife away because he thought he wanted to be single.

In a post made on Facebook on March 1st, Michael revealed that his wife left him following a stroke he had suffered in March 2020.

“I lost my wife due to my weak fleshly desires, pushed her right out of my life. I thought I wanted to be single but after having a stroke in March of twenty twenty she decided to get out of the relationship but I caused it all.
I don’t blame anyone but myself and I acknowledge it I was wrong, I’m just wanting to know should I pick up the pieces or leave them where they lay? Yes I love this woman my wife”

He wrote.


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