“I Haven’t Found Peace Since”: Nigerian Man Leaks WhatsApp Chats as His Ex Begs Him after He Bought New Car


A Nigerian man has gone viral after sharing screenshots of his WhatsApp conversation with his ex-girlfriend, who begged him to get back together after he bought a new car.

The man, identified as Davies, posted the screenshots on Twitter, where they quickly racked up thousands of likes and retweets.

In the screenshots, Oyinlola, the ex-girlfriend, can be seen messaging Davies to congratulate him on his new car. She then asks him if he is joking, and then tells him that she wants to fix their relationship.

Davies, however, is not interested in getting back together with Oyinlola. He reminds her that she broke up with him to find peace, and asks her what she is returning for.

Oyinlola admits that she made a mistake breaking up with Davies, and reveals that her new relationship did not last more than a month. However, Davies is still not convinced, and tells her that they can remain friends but not lovers.


The screenshots of the conversation have sparked a debate online, with some people supporting Davies for standing his ground, and others criticizing him for being cold-hearted.

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