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“I have never seen a polygamous man that cheats” – Nigerian lawyer says

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Ebikebuna Augustine Aluzu, a lawyer from Bayelsa, claimed that he had never witnessed a polygamous man cheat.

On Tuesday, December 20, Aluzu posted on Facebook that it is uncommon to find a polygamous man who cheats on his wives.


“Dear kings, I have never seen a polygamous man that cheats”, he wrote.

See his post below,

A Nigerian woman named Shatu recently sparked controversy when she emphasized the advantages of marrying a man who is already married.

In a now-viral tweet, Shatu claimed that the best situation for a single woman is to marry a married man.

She claims that in addition to a husband, the new wife also receives a sister.

She claims the man’s senior wife automatically becomes the lady’s sister.

Her words, “Getting married to a married man is the best thing because it comes with a bonus; a husband and a sister”.

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The tweet, however, generated mixed reactions; while some agreed with her, others disagreed with her school of thought.
@veronicasdaughter wrote, “Very true, with already made Spiritual battles. Very good. No need to make ur own…na carry come wit the marriage. Don’t forget the children…u never come, u Don already get pikins. Very good.”

@michael._u, “So if single man approach this one now, she fit say, “no, you’re not my type. I need someone married”.

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@ndukauba_anthonia, “I dislike ladies that think like this. They’re part of the problem.”

@chefshadybalo, “Sha don’t come near my own husband before you go and trek from Lagos to Enugu , thinking you are strolling.”