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I don’t go to the club because I dislike darkness” – Calista Okoronkwo

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Seasoned Nollywood actress, Calista Okoronkwo has revealed why she doesn’t like going to a club house.

The actress made this revelation while speaking on some of the challenges she faces on movie set.


Apart from that, she goes on the mention that she dislikes that she has to eat late at night, coupled with switching outfits for continuity.

She said:
“What really challenges me about filmmaking is the fact that every time I am on set I never get used to the fact that I have to change for every scene, especially for continuity. I am not the type that likes to pull off all the time and that for me is a huge challenge, and then you have to eat late in the night.

Sometimes you are on the road at 3am, 4am, it is really tasking. For me, I do not like the night routine at all. I don’t go to club because I don’t like darkness.

But then I get to stay late every time and into the night and that’s my highest fear. Ironically, I still take on scripts and go to locations knowing I will be confronted with my fears all the time. That is the love for the craft”

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