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How To Be A Good Kisser: 15 Proven Techniques to Make You a Master Kisser

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A good kisser should know everything from consent and attentiveness to good hygiene.


Being around your special one is in itself an ineffable experience and sharing a kiss with them can be even better, isn’t it? Kissing is a special moment that makes the bond or relationship between two people one to be cherished.

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However, how to kiss someone and how to make it unforgettable for the person you’re sharing the kiss with are questions you may be grappling with.

So, to help you be a better kisser and make the experience surreal for both you and your partner, we explain the need for kissing in humans, its importance, and also kissing tips in this post. Read on!

Kissing is the most intimate act that humans indulge in to express their love and closeness toward a person.

But how do you kiss?

There are different types of kisses to express different feelings, so how you kiss can convey your feelings to the other person. While a kiss on the hand and cheek can be a way to greet each other, a forehead kiss means care, and a kiss on the lips is usually reserved for your partner.

Scientifically speaking, lip contact during kissing releases oxytocin, facilitating bonding and emotional connection, and alleviating stress. Also, men and women may have distinct interpretations of what it means to kiss someone on the lips.

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A study showed that women may use kissing to evaluate potential partners and form bonds, while men may use it to achieve their sexual purpose. It further states that this variance in meaning corresponds to the differences in their thought processes and biological profile.

However, it is also important to note that neither gender believes it’s a good idea for someone’s ability to kiss to serve as the foundation for the start of a relationship.

Why Is Kissing Important In A Relationship?

While a couple can go for a long time without having sex, kissing is essential to maintaining the romance in the union. It’s one of the ways you may show your special someone how much you care about them.

It also enables you to develop intimacy in a relationship and have a deeper knowledge of one another.

Also, a study revealed that couples that kiss more frequently have higher levels of total serum cholesterol, relationship satisfaction, and perceived stress.

Yet, different traditions and cultures may not always consider a passionate kiss or kiss on the lips as the best method to express love. According to a meta-analysis, couples in economically developed and socially stratified countries are around three times more likely to kiss on the lips frequently than tribal people.

Did you realize?

Over 80 million bacteria can be transferred during a ten-second kiss, which may be beneficial to your health.

15 Tips To Be A Good Kisser

Considering these suggestions could be helpful if you wish to advance your relationship.

1. Pay attention.

Being a good kisser entails being aware of your partner’s movements and actions and responding appropriately.

2. Maintain good oral health

Many people find foul breath and odor offensive, especially if you are kissing someone for the first time. Hence, remember to keep your mouth fresh and practice good oral hygiene. Furthermore, refrain from kissing after consuming odor-strong foods.

According to research, males prefer wetter kisses than women, whereas women care more about the smell of men’s breath.

3.  Take it slowly

When kissing, it’s best to begin cautiously and gradually increase the intensity while keeping your partner comfortable.

4. Take note of your lips

Although it might not seem crucial, moisturizing the lips makes them softer and more pleasurable to kiss. Men should be recommended to keep their beards clean or well-trimmed, especially for the first kiss.

5. Be confident

Similar to having a conversation, kissing someone requires you to feel at ease and confident. You must, however, also respect the boundaries set by your special someone.

6. Remain calm

Do not feel anxious during kissing. Maintain your composure and ease; else, the kiss can be awkward.

7. Talk to Each others

Regardless of gender, it is very important to pay attention to your partner’s preferences and inquire about their likes and dislikes if you want to learn how to kiss a guy or girl. This will both make your partner more comfortable and help you develop into a good kisser for them.

8. Include elements

When kissing your lover, try rubbing the hair, caressing, gentle touches, stroking the cheeks, and interlocking fingers. Whatever things you include, your partner’s comfort should come first.

9. Experiment with different techniques.

You can experiment with different kissing styles with your spouse, and switching it up can make the experience more interesting and pleasurable.

10. Show your romantic side

Don’t kiss your partner because you feel obligated to. Yet, make it a romantic and passionate encounter. You might also try creating a romantic scene with dark lighting, candles, and music.

11 Take a deep breath

It’s fine to have a long and passionate kiss; but, pay attention to indications and cues that indicate your spouse wants a breather.

12 Close your eyes for a moment.

If you don’t close your eyes during kissing, try it. This will allow you to pay closer attention to your partner’s breath, the sensation of their presence, their heartbeat, and even their odor.

A fun fact

Our other sensations, such as touch, are heightened when we close our eyes . As a result, closing your eyes while kissing can make the experience more pleasurable.

13. Maintain a clear head

It’s critical to keep your brain clear of everything while kissing your lover. You won’t be able to enjoy the moment if you’re too preoccupied with overthinking, such as what your spouse is thinking, how to kiss better, or comparing the kiss to past ones. This will eventually make your partner feel awkward or dissatisfied.

14 Investigate

If you’re in a long-term relationship, you could try kissing your partner in various sensual regions and kissing them with your entire body, such as drawing them close and wrapping your arms around them. Follow your partner’s lead and read their body language as well.

15. Have fun and enjoy yourself

Remember that kissing is an act to be enjoyed, so make the most of it by having fun and appreciating this personal encounter.

Questions and Answers

1. How do you start the first kiss?

Starting the kiss might be nerve-racking, but remembering a few kissing techniques can help. Thus, while you’re with your spouse, pay attention to their body language, know the appropriate time and location, be confident, go closer cautiously, and begin with a gentle touch. You can go for the kiss if your spouse is reciprocating your moves.

2. How can I tell if someone wishes to kiss me?

There are a few indications that someone wants to kiss you. Leaning in closer, making lengthy eye contact, touching or stroking your face, arm, or hair, copying your body language and motions, complimenting you, or making flirty comments are examples of these. However, keep in mind that these indicators can be subtle and not always obvious.

3. How do I tell someone they’re bad at kissing?

There is no optimum way to tell someone they are awful at kissing, but you can communicate honestly about your likes and dislikes in a sensitive manner. You can provide constructive comments through examples and try to describe your feelings in a calm and sensitive manner that will not damage their feelings.

Understanding how to kiss someone is essential for moving your relationship forward. A good kiss may deepen and strengthen your connection.

It also promotes better understanding and closeness between spouses and helps reduce stress.

A good kisser is attentive to their spouse, maintains good oral hygiene, and keeps their partner comfortable. It’s also worth noting that everyone has various preferences, so interact with your partner to learn about their likes and dislikes.

Understanding Good Kissers From Terrible Kissers

The key to successful kissing is understanding the difference between a good and bad kisser. You are doing something incorrectly if you don’t know how to kiss someone while getting your spouse to close their eyes.

Learn more in the infographic below about the additional characteristics that can help you tell a lousy kisser from a good one.

Important Points

  • * Kissing is the next step in a relationship after holding hands and hugging.
  • *For men and women, a kiss may have distinct connotations.
  • * You can improve your kissing by maintaining good dental hygiene, paying attention, and being assured.
  • * Enjoy this precious moment with your spouse while making them comfortable and having fun.