How to Apply for a Canadian Passport on Your Own – Full Steps and Guild

How to Apply for a Canadian Passport on Your Own – Full Steps and Guild


Like many other countries, Canada issues its residents with an electronic passport (ePassport). An e-Passport is a 36-page book with a data chip inside, identical to a Canadian passport.

It includes fundamental details about the passenger that can be used to recognize them.

You must have your passport with you at all times as proof of identification if you are a citizen of Canada. You must submit your passport, which will be scanned to confirm your identity, in order to enter a nation.

According to the Global Passport Index of Montreal-based financial institution Arton Capital, the Canadian passport is now ranked tenth in the world.

If you hold a Canadian passport, you are eligible for visa-free travel to more than 114 nations.


What advantages come with holding a Canadian passport?

  • To assist in your identification and lessen fraud or identity theft.
  • Anywhere in the globe, a Canadian passport is used to identify Canadian citizens.
  • An e-Passport makes it easier to identify someone’s home country, the place they are leaving from, and the country they are traveling to.
  • Enhanced protection for privacy
  • entry and exit procedures at border controls are made simple by automatic passport readers.

Documents and Requirements for Canadian Passport Applications

  • Evidence of Canadian nationality
  • a legitimate identity-verification document
  • same passport photos on both
  • a current, legitimate passport or other travel document issued in your name.
  • Your application form, duly attested by a guarantor and signed within the last 12 months.
  • Additional paperwork, such as a language test score, may be required. Any documents not written in English or French must be submitted with an accurate translation.

How to Apply for a Canadian Passport on Your Own

To apply for a Canadian passport, you must be at least 16 years old and a citizen of Canada. For their underage children, parents or legal guardians may submit an application. Here are several actions to take.

  • Download the application form from the IRCC website or pick one up at the passport office.
  • Correctly complete the application form and sign each page.
  • Include all required paperwork with the application, especially the two identical passport photos.
  • Obtain two references and a guarantor to help prove your identification. Anyone who has known you for at least two years may serve as your guarantor;
  • must be a citizen of Canada and be older than 18;
  • should be in possession of a current Canadian passport, or at the very least one that is not more than a year old.
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