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“He was roaming the streets of Asaba looking helpless” – Skitmaker, Nasboi calls out those claiming Hanks Anuku is okay (video)

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Nasboi, an Instagram skit maker, has called out those claiming veteran actor Hanks Anuku is mentally and physically sound, following an encounter with him in Asaba, Delta state.

This is after a video went viral of a man that looked like him wandering the streets in tattered clothing, leading to concerned comments from fans and Nigerians.


Shan George had refuted claims of his mental instability, posting a video and pictures showing them both on set in Asaba working on a film where the actor was to play “a crazy king”.

Nevertheless, other actresses dismissed the claims, confirming he is indeed suffering from mental issues and those living in Asaba can attest to it.

Hanks Anuku has since spoken out himself with Premium Times affirming he’s alright.
“I will never be what they say I am because I am more significant than that. I am in Asaba at the moment, and I’m doing ok. I am alive, sane, strong, blessed and wealthy. I will be contesting as President of Nigeria,” he said on Friday, November 18.

Recently, Nasboi encountered him again in Asaba’s streets and uploaded a video of it on social media.

He criticized those who maintained he was okay due to what he saw; Anuku looking helpless.
As a sign of appreciation for making his childhood enjoyable, Nasboi offered the veteran actor some money but he chose to give him a hug instead.

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He wrote,

“Yo that’s Hanks Anuku

Why are people saying this man is ok? Why???
Man is roaming the streets of ASABA looking so helpless. I got his number. I will do my bit.
That man made my childhood.”

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