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“Having kids you can barely feed is an unwise decision” — TBoss discloses her driver offered to sell one of his triplets to her

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Tokunbo Idowu, Reality TV star, Well known as TBoss, has recounted how her driver tried to sell one of his triplets to her.

In a recent interview with the beats on Saturday, The mother of one made this revelation while speaking on the importance of being financially stable before having children.


“I totally agree that children are blessings but having kids that one can barely feed is an unwise decision.

“I want to be able to comfortably feed and cater for my little ones. The world is such a beautiful place with so many nice things to see and places to visit. I would love to experience life with my kids which would be a hassle if I am not financially equipped.”

Speaking on her experience with her driver, TBoss revealed that he offered to sell one of his triplets because he didn’t have the means to take care of all of them.

“I had a driver many years ago when I just moved to Abuja whose wife gave birth to triplets and he asked if I would be willing to buy one or two of them because he could not afford (to take care of them), and there were other kids at home.

I initially thought he was joking. I believe it is the level of poverty in the country that pushed him to do something like that.”

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On why she posts pictures of her daughter on social media as opposed to some celebrities who hide their children from the media, the former BBNaija star said,

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“Celebrities are human beings too, and they should be allowed to raise their children whichever way they desire, as long as they are not endangering the child.

“I did not post my daughter’s picture on social media until I felt ready to do so. Even now, there are still many moments I choose to keep to myself. I am savouring every bit of this motherhood journey. I share the things I want to and guard the rest jealously.”

TBoss also spoke on what motherhood has taught her; “Motherhood has taught me patience. If one is not a patient person, which I never used to be, one would struggle. I am still constantly working on myself though. It is a deliberate decision and I believe I am going to be an amazing mother.”