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Hairstylist Needed At Hair House Canada – For $30,000 Annual Salary

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Languages needed for the job




diploma from a secondary (high) school


a year to two years or less

Techniques for Hair Coloring
Bleach, dyes, and highlights, streaking,
Techniques for Hair Styling
Blow drying and iron waving/curling are further skills.
the hair of clients

Barbershop or hair salon/studio as the place of employment
Physical requirements and work environment
attention to detail; a quick pace; coordinated hand-eye movements; sitting, standing, and walking combined; prolonged durations of standing
Details about the Workplace
In-person assistance for clients
Qualities of the Person
Flexibility, collaboration, client-focusedness, dependability, and judgment; Reliability
certain abilities of hairdressers
Offer hairstyle suggestions that complement the client’s physical attributes or choose a style based on the client’s instructions and preferences; Hair can be styled and cut, tapered, curled, waved, permed, etc. analyze the state of the hair and scalp, and offer simple remedies or suggestions for hair- and scalp-care procedures; For hair coloring, frost, or streaking, use bleach, tints, dyes, or rinses.
Skills Particular to Barbers

  • Shave and trim your mustache and beard; give other hair treatments like straightening, tinting, and waving, as well as massages to condition the scalp; Haircut and styling instructions or client preferences are followed.
  • How to apply for job 
  • You were successful in your Job Bank application for this position.
    Your resignation from consideration for the position has been accepted..
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