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“Give me money for doing chores” – Zoe Dakolo tells her father, Timi Dakolo.

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Nigerian musician, Timi Dakola has taken to social media to share an interesting conversation he had with his second daughter, Zoe Dakolo begging for 150 euros to go out and have fun.

He however told her to get a job instead because 150 euros was a lot of money in this economy to spend on fun, and she told him to pay for the household chores she did around the house.


Zoe explained to her father that they have not been out in a while and she needed to gout and have fun and her only source of income was the chores and baking.

He was shocked by her demand to be paid for doing things required in the Nigerian household as a child but she tried to make her point and convince him otherwise.

See their conversation here:

A lot of his friends also told him this was a great idea from his daughter and encouraged him to try it out.

See some of their comments here:

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