“Why take me out if we split the bill?” Furious Nigerian lady slams stingy white date


A Nigerian woman living in the UK has unleashed a fiery rant on social media, blasting a Caucasian man who expected her to contribute to the bill during their date.

In a video that has gone viral, the woman laments the challenges of dating men abroad, contrasting their stinginess with the traditionally generous nature of Nigerian men towards their partners.

She recounts an awkward incident with a “white guy” who, after suggesting a fancy Turkish restaurant, wanted her to share the bill. Despite barely touching her food due to the unfamiliar cuisine, she was shocked when the waiter presented them with separate bills.

Initially assuming this was a payment method preference, she confirmed with the waiter, only to be met with the confirmation that she was expected to pay for her own meal. Fuming at the audacity, the woman revealed she cut all contact with the man after that incident.

Watch the full video here for more on this outrageous date gone wrong.


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