Fuel attendant killed while attempting to pursue a customer who bought fuel without paying.


A fuel attendant has been unfortunately killed in a horrific accident while attempting to stop a customer from fleeing.
Alamin, a Twitter user, claimed that the careless driver struck another vehicle as he fled the gas station where he had purchased N3000 worth of fuel but refused to pay for it.

He shared the story on twitter with a clip of the crash.
Alamin wrote;

“A driver bought fuel of 3k yesterday night and zoomed off at high speed without paying, he later lost control and rammed into other cars resulting to the death of someone sadly. Allah ya jikan shi”
According to a netizen, the only person killed in the tragic event was the attendant who was trying to prevent the driver from escaping.
“The seller climbed on top of the bonnet and tried to snatch the steer wheel away from the driver resulting to the accident. You can sight the man hanging out in the first few seconds of the video. PS: he lost his life while the driver survived.” he wrote.

Watch the video here;

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