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Families abroad are not working 9-5 so you can collect tithes at the end of the month.– Bisi Alimi tells Nigerian beneficiaries

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Bisi Alimi, one of Nigeria’s gay rights activists has sent a strong message to Nigerians about their families overseas.

It is a common trend for families and friends overseas to extend financial assistance to their loved ones back home; However, Alimi has sent a reminder to Nigerians that their families or friends overseas are not Automated Teller Machines (ATM).


According to him, those overseas are not working round the clock so those at home will collect ten percent at the end of the month.

He wrote: Dear Nigerians, your friends, lovers and families abroad are not your ATM! They are not working 9-5 so you can collect tithes at the end of the month.

Bisi Alimi shares the heartbreaking result of his DNA test

KFN recalls that Bisi Alimi has shared the heartbreaking result he received after he conducted a deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) test. The 47-year-old who recently celebrated his sixth-year anniversary took to his Instagram story to share his DNA result.

According to the result, Alimi is seventy-five per cent Nigerian, twenty-five per cent Benin and Togo. He noted that the painful aspect of the result is that his ancestors were traced to a sugar plantation in Haiti

Alimi further questioned why he would only be seventy-five per cent Nigerian and asked who he offended

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He wrote; “Did my DNA and came back 75% Nigeria and 25% Benin/Togo. The painful part is, they traced my ancestors to the sugar plantation in Haiti”.

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“I actually think that the most painful part is being 75% Nigerian becos who i offend? How will i tell future generations i put this pain on them”.