Drama at an event where Bobrisky threw bottles at James Brown and Papaya Ex (Video)


Crossdresser Bobrisky had an altercation with coworker James Brown and social media personality Papaya Ex during an event, as shown in a viral video on social media.

The drama started when the three, who had been constantly at odds online, met in person and maintained the same atmosphere while attending a party that was held in Lagos yesterday night.

James Brown and Papaya Ex were dancing ferociously behind Bobrisky in the video as he sat with a group of buddies. Bobrisky instantly erupted, appearing to be enraged by this.


The self-described sugar mama of Lagos seized a plastic bottle and hurled it angrily in James’ and Papaya’s direction as other partygoers attempted to calm Bobrisky down.

watch the video here,

In the meantime, Bobrisky had earlier made light of the outfit Papaya Ex wore when delivering her invites to her housewarming party.

As she hand-delivered and dispersed her housewarming invites with fanfare and flair, the socialite Papaya sparked comments from online users.

The outfit that Abike is wearing appears to be what the Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) would employ to keep Lagos clean, claims the self-described Rich Mummy of Lagos.

He used a lot of laughing emojis to emphasize how ridiculous he considered it.

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