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“Dogs dey enjoy pass human being” – Reactions as Naira Marley feeds his dogs with full chicken each (video)

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By Marks Beejay 32 Views

Famous Nigerian singer, Naira Marley has made headlines online after he was seen feeding his dogs with a whole chicken each.
The “Soapy” singer shared the video on his official Instagram, prompting a flood of emotions from his fans and followers.


In the footage, the musician, who was surrounded by six different breeds of dogs, was seen dishing out whole chickens to the dogs from a large bowl held by his assistant.
They were all observed scurrying for their share, but the bigger dogs dominated the smaller ones and were served first.

Since then, the video has sparked a ton of responses from internet users who were shocked by the expensive meal the artist serves his dog while others emphasized that chicken bones are not healthy for dogs.
Read some reactions,

@humble_pee wrote, “Dogs self dey enjoy pass human being 😁 omo shey I no go turn to dog so gimme a pet name 😝😁”

@aoyrobert wrote, “People never see Egg eat oh ur dog’s are enjoying full checking. … una dey give us heart problems for this socal media sha.❤️”

@londonbreedanne wrote, “Chicken bones are dangerous for dogs it can splinter while they chew causing them to tear their throats up and puncture their intestines as the bones digest. Just peel the chicken off and feed it to them”

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