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“Divorce is not something to celebrate. It is failure” —Justin Dean slams ex-wife, Korra after she publicly celebrated their divorce on Facebook (Video)

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Justin Dean, the ex-husband of dancer Korra Obidi, appears to have poked fun at her when she used social media to announce their divorce.

Remember how Korra celebrated on Facebook when she won her divorce case against Dean and got custody of their kids?


On Friday, November 18, 2022, Korra created a video to update her followers after she got home from court. She revealed that she had won while saying that she couldn’t discuss the case because the majority of the information is confidential.
A few days after the birth of their second child, Athena, in March, Dean, Korra’s ex-husband, revealed he was divorcing her. In an apparent reply, Dean has therefore gone online and stated that divorce is a “failure” and is not something to celebrate.
He indicated that Korra lacked the ability to maintain a marriage and vowed to raise his daughters differently.
“I will raise my daughters in such a way that they have the skills necessary to maintain a marriage… Because marriage is work. It’s not something that you go in thinking, ‘Oh, if it doesn’t work out, I’ll just get divorced. I’ll just move on to the next thing in life’. If you have that kind of mentality it’s almost more like a transaction. It’s like this person is going to elevate me in one way in life and when it no longer works I’ll just divorce them and do it again.” He said.
Watch his response below,

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