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Davido’s Claim to be Pregnant French Side Chick Lands in Lagos, Shares Charming Pictures: “Come Say Hi”

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So, remember Ivanna Bay, the one they say is Davido’s pregnant French fling? Well, she’s back at it, stirring things up online with where she’s hanging out now. 

Last year, this Paris-based model made a big splash online with a bunch of accusations against Davido, the former head honcho of DMW. Now, with a new update, Ivanna lets everyone know she’s in Lagos and throws out a flirty invitation for someone mysterious to come meet her. This, of course, got Davido’s fans and supporters all riled up.


We all remember when Ivanna hit the headlines a few months back claiming Davido got her pregnant. Well, this time she’s on Instagram again, showing off swanky pictures of herself chilling in a fancy Lagos hotel.

The caption on her Instagram story is simple: “Come say hi.” But wait, there’s more! She adds some new pics to her main feed, basically giving away her location to everyone online.

Ivanna seems to think very highly of herself. She posted about being the most attractive woman wherever she travels. In her own words: “Carrying the weight of being the most attractive woman in every country I am.”

Things weren’t always so glamorous for Ivanna, though.  Earlier, she took to Instagram pretty heartbroken, talking about some bleeding and needing to go to the emergency room. 

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The French model was worried about her body failing her and not being able to keep the pregnancy.

See her new post below ⬇️

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