Breakfast of champions and heartbreak: OAP Toolz reveals her emotional journey over a 5-course meal


Toolz Oniru-Demiren, a well-known media personality in Nigeria, has talked about her toughest breakup and how it took her a year to recover.

On Friday, March 10, the ecstatically married mother of two revealed this when posing the question of how long it takes for males to recover from heartbreaks on Instagram.

Toolz claimed she doesn’t recall much from that time, other than the fact that everything was gloomy, and compared the heartbreak to a five-dish premium breakfast.


In other news, Tolu Oniru-Demuren, better known by his stage name Toolz, has taken potshots at evil people who conceal themselves behind religion.

The mother of two claimed in a post uploaded on her Instagram account that some people who appear to be ardent followers of Jesus online are actually malevolent.

According to Toolz, individuals who put ‘Jesus baby’ or ‘Jesus lover’ on their social media biographies are the worst since they act like ‘Lucifer’s first born’.


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