“Break up with your man if he proposes to you the moment you are being celebrated for a personal accomplishment” – Professor tells women


A Twitter user identified as Racquel Gates, has told men that it’s wrong to propose to their partners when they are being celebrated for an achievement.

Racquel Gates, who is an associate professor of film at Columbia University, stated that it is not right to make a romantic proposal to a woman on the day she’s being celebrated for a feat she worked hard for.

Speaking further, she advised women to break up with their partners if they ever do this.

“Men, if your girlfriend is finishing a marathon, accepting an award, walking the runway to close out the collection that she designed, or taking a moment to celebrate any big individual accomplishment that she worked hard for -this is not the time to propose to her.” She wrote.

Racquel Gates’ tweet elicited varying reactions on the micro-blogging platform; while some agreed with her, a number of social media users disagreed.


Reacting a Twitter user @notbeforenoon wrote,

“Getting down on a knee or waiting for a proposal are such antiquated concepts. Getting married should be a mutual decision, discussed seriously. If you want to make a big production out of it, have an announcement party.”

@JerryStillman, “Everyone knows the proper place to propose is at a surprise proposal party you’ve invited all her family and friends to”.

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