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Best ways to make money online in Nigeria

By Marks Beejay 97 Views

In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic and its devastating effects, many Nigerians have gained awareness of the numerous advantages of the internet.

This article explores methods of making money online in Nigeria quickly and legitimately, whether you are a student, teenager, or professional, without resorting to fraudulent schemes.


Although there are a plethora of ways to earn money online, many are not feasible in Nigeria. However, this article offers internet-based money-making opportunities that are accessible to students, stay-at-home mothers, and even those who work full-time jobs and desire to supplement their income.

Most of these ways to make money online in Nigeria do not require any payment, but a few may necessitate an initial investment. If you are in need of financial assistance, you can explore the best loan apps in Nigeria that cater to your mobile lending needs.

To earn money online in Nigeria, you will require a functional smartphone, a dependable internet connection, and occasionally a computer system.

The most effective ways to make money online in Nigeria are:

16. Jumia j-Force

Jumia, one of Nigeria’s most popular retailers, offers a program called j-Force in addition to their affiliate program, which allows people to make money online in Nigeria.

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This is achieved by using your account to purchase products on behalf of others, and receiving great commissions that are directly deposited into your Nigerian bank account.

Furthermore, users can run their online store through Jumia, effortlessly sell their products, and take advantage of Jumia’s shipping and payment options. This is a sustainable venture that offers a reliable online income for all Nigerians.

15. Remote English Language Teaching (ELT)
Make money online

Despite appearing unlikely, providing personalized English language tutoring to individuals in foreign countries and mastering the English language is the 15th most effective way to earn money online in Nigeria.

According to InternetWorldStats, English is the most commonly spoken language worldwide, making remote English Language Teaching (ELT) one of the top ways for Nigerian students to make money online.

It is also worth noting that this profession allows you to travel the world and take on more extensive assignments when you are ready to start freelancing.

14. Instagram influencing
make money online
Although Instagram does not compensate account holders, even those with millions of followers, Nigerian users with a substantial following can take advantage of numerous opportunities to make money online for free.

How to make money online in Nigeria from Instagram

    Select an area of expertise (we recommend choosing one you know and are passionate about).
    Develop a professional Instagram profile.
    Start publishing valuable content to get fans.
    Continue sharing helpful content.
    Start making money using third-party techniques, such as advertising items for firms, affiliate marketing, and directing readers to a site with Adsense advertisements.

13. Podcast hosting
Make money online
Creating a podcast is an excellent method of earning money online in Nigeria and an engaging opportunity to establish a loyal following of listeners who frequently engage with your content.

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Thanks to the built-in audience and ranking system of the Apple Podcast Store, you may be able to attract a substantial number of listeners to your podcast. As a result, your podcast can climb to the top of the rankings, resulting in significant exposure.

12. Domain trading

Similar to real estate investment, domain trading is one of the most profitable ways to make money online in Nigeria, involving identifying the right domain opportunities and holding them for a period of time to generate significant profits.

One unique aspect of this avenue is that domains can be acquired for as little as 5,000 NGN.

Interested individuals can research and analyze domains, whether for a specific term or project name. Once a suitable domain is found, it can be purchased using domain reservation coupons like Godaddy coupons or Namecheap coupons.

These discounts enable individuals to acquire dot-com domains for less than 2,500 NGN and several other unique extensions for less than 500 NGN, making domain trading a lucrative opportunity to earn money online in Nigeria.

11. Mobile application development

Make money online

The 11th best way to make money online in Nigeria is by creating and selling mobile applications using easy-to-use app creation tools that don’t require coding skills. This is a relatively simple venture to start.

However, it’s crucial not to assume that any software will be an instant success just because the concept seems promising. Developing appealing applications requires both artistic and technical skills.

Fortunately, there are several templates available for creating software, which makes earning money online in Nigeria through mobile app development easier. You can monetize your free app through in-app purchases, external sponsorships, and advertisements.

Mobile app development is one of the best ways for Nigerian students to make money online because of its direct integration with software and its complete digitization.

10. Web development

Web development is a highly sought-after skill, as web developers are responsible for integrating new features, improving functionality, and fixing bugs. Therefore, web development, particularly through contracts, is the 10th most effective method of making money online in Nigeria.

Once you have mastered HTML, CSS, Ruby, or Javascript, you may start recruiting clients, earning money online in Nigeria, and gradually establishing your own web development firm while still holding onto your current job.

Online learning platforms such as CodeCada, CreativeLive, Treehouse, and CodeAcademy are ideal for learning the basics of web development, making this one of the best ways for students in Nigeria to make money online.

9. Blogging

Starting a blog is an excellent way for individuals with strong writing skills and the ability to establish a reputation in a particular industry to make money online in Nigeria.

How to make money online in Nigeria from blogging

Once you have a regular readership, there are several ways to monetise your website, including



    online courses, and
    personalised consulting services.
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To make money online in Nigeria through blogging, individuals should prioritize producing high-quality and valuable content that resonates with their audience. Building a genuine connection with readers is crucial in order to successfully monetize the blog.

8. Forex trading
forex trading

Forex trading is ranked as the 8th-best way to make money online in Nigeria because of its leverage mechanism, which involves buying a currency when its price is low and selling it when it rises.

The Forex market, which stands for Foreign Exchange Market, is a vast marketplace for trading and exchanging foreign currencies with daily turnovers estimated to be in the billions of dollars.

Forex trading’s financial leverage mechanism allows traders to speculate with a trading value of up to $50,000 with just a $100 margin deposit.

With leverage, it’s possible to use a small amount such as $100 to generate gains estimated in the hundreds of dollars. However, the same $100 can be lost in a flash.

Although forex trading is a lucrative way to make money online in Nigeria, it’s not suitable for everyone due to the abundance of misinformation and myths surrounding it.

Consequently, many people lose money due to poor preparation. However, some traders earn millions of naira each month through forex trading.

7. Import cheap and resell

One of the most effective ways to make money online in Nigeria is by importing and reselling products.
This involves sourcing items from e-commerce websites such as or eBay and reselling them on local online marketplaces such as Jiji, Jumia, or Konga.

This method allows individuals to access a vast range of products that are not subject to stiff competition or a high number of retailers in the local market.

These products can be acquired at a lower cost from foreign platforms and sold at a profitable margin locally.

6. Graphic design
Graphic design

Freelance graphic designers have a plethora of online opportunities to choose from, with sites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Behance offering a wide range of projects that align with their design skills and enable them to earn money online in Nigeria.

Thanks to the advent of user-friendly tools such as Canva, Visme, and even the more intuitive Adobe Creative Suite, individuals can quickly master the basics of graphic design and use these powerful platforms to make money online in Nigeria, even as students.

5. Drive with Uber

Uber driving is an effective way to make quick money online in Nigeria, as individuals have the potential to earn thousands or even millions of naira each month, provided they have a dependable vehicle, reside in an urban location, and have a good grasp of the city’s road system.

While this does not guarantee immediate riches, it allows individuals to cover their expenses with ease.

4. Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing, a traditional method of generating monthly income, has recently moved to the digital space and remains one of the best ways to earn money online in Nigeria.

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This popular technique involves promoting a product or service and receiving a commission for each sale. Individuals act as intermediaries, and all they need to do is build a strong network to promote specific products and services.

Affiliate marketing is an easy way to supplement one’s income if, for example, they have a blog or a significant presence on social media. It is also one of the best ways to make money online in Nigeria for free, as it can be done through platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

This method of making money on the internet is similar to that of traditional salespeople who offered free samples of cigarettes, cosmetics, or other products in exchange for a commission on each sale.

3. Web design
web design

Web design is considered the third most lucrative way to earn money online in Nigeria as it helps startups and established organizations stand out in the competitive industry by offering exceptional user experiences.

In Nigeria, web design has become a limitless source of income through the creation of websites or apps that result in increased engagement, higher purchase rates, or subscription rates.

Online education platforms such as General Assembly and Skillcrush offer short-term programs that equip individuals with web design skills, which can be used to establish their own web design business, while still keeping their regular jobs.

From there, earning money online in Nigeria becomes easy and straightforward.

2. Freelance writing
freelance writing

Freelance writing stands out as the perfect choice for beginners seeking to earn money online in Nigeria, with the only requirement being the development of a customer base on freelancing sites.

To get started, all one needs is a mobile device (or in some cases, a computer), a dependable internet connection, and a robust list of regular clients. As a student, freelance writing provides a great opportunity to make money online in Nigeria.

While building a solid clientele may prove to be the most challenging aspect of the writing profession, individuals can overcome this hurdle by creating a compelling business profile and mastering marketing techniques, paving the way for a successful writing career.

1. TikTok content creation

Making money online in Nigeria is possible through TikTok, where individuals can earn between 70,000 NGN and 1,300,000 NGN per month. The more popular one is, the greater the earning potential on the platform.

TikTok is an excellent option for making money online in Nigeria without spending any money since it does not require certification, verification, capital, or have an age restriction.

TikTok outperforms Twitter and Instagram in terms of making money online in Nigeria because it is easier to achieve virality and amass millions of views without an active following than on any other social networking site.

Although there is no concrete data on the number of subscribers, the Nigerian population on TikTok has grown substantially since 2020.