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Bandits Kidnaps Four In Zamfara, Demand Newly Redesigned Naira Notes As Ransom.

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In the Kolo village of Gusau Local Government Area in Zamfara State, four people have been kidnapped by bandits who have refused to accept old naira notes as ransom.

This is coming moments after Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari and CBN Governor Godwin Emifiele unveiled the redesigned naira notes that would be going to Circulation by December 15 at Aso Rock.


According to information gathered, the bandits initially demanded N10 million as ransom but eventually agreed to accept N5 million.

According to local sources, the kidnappers sent a message on Tuesday warning that they would not free the abducted victims until the Central Bank of Nigeria had issued the new naira notes, which the villagers were attempting to obtain through cooperative effort (CBN).

“As we were trying to gather the money demanded by the terrorists, they sent another message that they would not collect old naira notes,” the source said.

“They said that they would keep the abducted persons in their camps until next month –  December – when the new naira notes would be in circulation.”

As attempts to contact the spokesperson proved unsuccessful, police officials in Zamfara State have not yet commented on these most recent kidnappings.

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