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“Avoid friends that won’t tell you truth” – Netizens react to video of American singer Summer Walker hailing her friend in the gym (watch)

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Summer Walker, an American vocalist, is presently creating a buzz on social media due to a video in which she is seen boosting her friend’s confidence at the gym.

The video clip, which was shared on Instagram by Summer, shows her friend entering the gym wearing an all-pink outfit.
Summer Walker


However, the video has sparked controversy online as some people have commented on her friend’s “strange” body shape.

Additionally, some have criticized Summer for sharing the video on social media, despite being aware that her friend’s body is not natural.

Summer Walker Friend

Read some comments below,

@earthclearcycle wrote, “Avoid friends that won’t tell you the truth”

@big__zaddy__ wrote, “Girls and fake hyping their friends na 5&6”

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@lyra_foods wrote, “She definitely did this intentionally. Makes me feel sorry for the lady being recorded because she seems like a genuinely sweet person. We don’t know why she opted for the surgery but…I like her smile”

@big_babyy_k wrote, “Wickedness, the doctor, summer walker, all of them are wicked”

[Watch the clip here]

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