“Autopsy revealed my daughter died of electrocution” – Mother of 12-year-old Chrisland student, Whitney (video)


Mrs. Blessing Adeniran revealed during an Instagram Live session on March 1, 2023 that an autopsy had revealed that her daughter died of electrocution.

Whitney Adeniran, the 12-year-old Chrisland student who passed away during the school’s inter-house sports event on February 9, 2023, died of electrocution – contrary to what the school had earlier claimed.

According to Blessing, while the school claimed her daughter slumped, an autopsy result has shown that she was electrocuted.

The school had earlier stated that Whitney had opted out of participating in the school’s march-past due to ill health and passed away “in public view” and not under any hidden circumstances.

She was outraged that Chrisland Schools had made her family suffer through the trauma of an autopsy when they could have just told them the truth about how their beloved daughter died.

“The autopsy result is out and Desola was electrocuted. My daughter died of electrocution. I have been subjected to trauma for the past two weeks. Tomorrow will make it three weeks my baby died. The school made me think I was crazy. They started pushing the narrative of she was sick, she was sickly.
They sent letters and publications out. People insulted me and my family. My child was electrocuted to death. I told the school I don’t want trouble. All I want is answers. They came to my house and knelt down.


I begged, I pleaded, I said ‘Mrs Amao’ please, I don’t know how autopsy is being done but I have browsed it and the image is scary. Please my daughter is already dead, don’t make me put her through that, they will butcher her. I beg you in the name of God, you are a mother, help me investigate and find out what happened.
She said she doesn’t know. They refused to investigate. My daughter was butchered for autopsy. She was opened up. They took part of her kidney, liver, stomach contents, blood, brain, bone marrow. Omodesola was butchered just because Chrisland kept protecting their reputation” She said.

[Watch video here]

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