Attention All OPay Customers: Read This


OPay, a digital payment platform, wants to tell everyone something important. They saw an old video on social media that showed their agents doing bad things. But this video is from more than 2 years ago, in August 2021. When they found out about it back then, they did the right things to fix it and make things better.


Since then, they’ve been teaching their customers about keeping their account safe from bad people and scams. To make sure their users are safe, they’ve improved their security a lot. They now use things like BVN verification and Face ID verification. And if someone has a problem, they have a 24-hour customer service to help them.


OPay asks their users and everyone else to ignore the old video and not believe wrong information. They promise to always protect their users from bad stuff because keeping customer information safe is the most important thing to them.



OPay is a popular digital payment platform in Nigeria, and they’re licensed by the CBN and insured by NDIC. They have a lot of users, agents, and merchants, and they’re always working hard to give their customers the best service.

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