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“At 28 I have no child and can barely find love” – Lady cries out

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A South African lady has cried out on the microblogging platform x, over not having a child and a lover at the age of 28.


Describing her situation as a ‘heartbreaking one’ she prayed for God to give her the strength to accept what is not meant for her.

The lady who identified as @IamMbali_M mentioned that she found herself in her feelings while thinking about her age.

She also added that she does not know what it feels like to be loved by someone or be in a relationship with someone.

She wrote “It breaks my heart that at the age of 28, I’ve got no child & I can barely find love that’s secure, I don’t even think at my big age I know how it feels to be loved however, I’m so grateful for Gods’ favor & pray that he gives me the strength to accept what isn’t meant for me”

Tweeps who came across the post have trooped to her comment section to share their opinions regarding her situation.

While some deemed it fit to advice her and encourage her, some countered her over sharing this online.

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Below are some of the comments,

@blythlie: It’s coming and it will be glorious when it’s gets to you, hand in there.

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@jabari_muiruri: Tho FYI my love don’t use your age as a factor. Good things come at the right time.

@Mosailahead: Based on how you respond in the comment sections, you won’t be able to keep a man.

@Kgolo_: Keep the optimism going, when the time is right he will make it happen.

@TrinMoze: You’re putting a timeline on your life and that’s gonna make you look miserable. Both love and a child will find you, you just have to learn to enjoy your own company and enjoy life as a whole