“Any day my wife talks back at me I will send her out of my house” – Nigerian man declares


In a viral post, David Agbo, a young Nigerian man, recently took to Facebook to declare that he would send his wife packing if she ever talked back at him.

He asserted that his wife has no right to contradict him since he paid her bride price and provided her with shelter.

Furthermore, he insisted that whenever she offends him, she must kneel down to apologize, as he is her lord and should be treated as such.

Read his full post below,

Any day my wife dared to talk back at me, It will Equally be the same day I will send her out of my house, She will go back to her Papa compound straight@
I can not marry you with my hard earned money and u expect me to be Equal with you in my own house
1 used my money to build, Not your papa money
She must kneel down and beg me anytime she did something wrong to me, SIMPLE
She must Equally Respect me As her lord just like God commands.

David Agbo


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