After 8 years of dating, a woman explains why she turned down her baby daddy’s marriage proposal.


A South African lady who dated her baby’s father for eight years has explained why she declined his marriage proposal.

@Zizipho_Majama elaborated on her decision to reject his marriage proposal on Twitter, saying she took into account his financial situation and ability to support their family.
The woman explained that her child’s father is a future medical doctor who would return to school for another 4-5 years and that she didn’t want him to be responsible for supporting their household during those years because he wouldn’t have a source of income.

The mother of one, who turned down his marriage proposal in the first quarter of the year, claimed she feels heartbroken because he has moved on with his life.

Check out her complete post below,
“I dated my baby dad for 8years. Best relationship of my life🥺. NEVER cheated. He proposed marriage early this year. I declined. Guy moved on🤡it hurts, it hurts so bad. I did communicate my reasons nd I thought he understood kanti

Reasons:He’s a breadwinner. Still in a process of finishing his home, he’s going to varsity next year for 5-6yrs, next year there wont be an income, I asked him to atleast wait till I work. Our baby was 5months then. I was only thinking for HIM😒. It was how I saw things🌚
Let me break this 8yrs. 4yrs we were both in varsity, next 4 it was home building+ a baby. If It was all about the money I would have left when he was building his home nd broke. Or I would have accepted the proposal because we talking about a whole Dr to be here.


Its about his mental health. How are you to juggle varsity, kid,wife,family? Nd the cost of living in varsity is way high. I wasn’t going to put him through that. If he had said “I got this” And explain how I wouldn’t have declined.

I do have a degree nd honors in psychology plz let’s not make this about me being a potential gold digger. Lets plan together. Let me work first nd lift the financial burden. Crazy how men in the tweet are all mad but you would be still mad when he hangs him self in Rez.

I was not wrong for thinking for him, he was my man who often helped me through my decisions aswell. We cnt all succumb to social pressure on getting married when we dnt have our finances right. He is wrong for not communicating and not living the relationship when he saw

It wasn’t what he wanted. He dows have every right to move on. Given another chance I would still say NO, give me time to work or show me a solid plan on how you see this working. We struggled together and I was still willing to but not as a wife. U have a duty towards a wife, But you Dnt towards a gf. I stay home, I eat home, my baby can get assistance at home but as a wife we wont get that luxury, it will be all on him, why y’all dnt get this 😂”

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