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Actress, Kate Henshaw reacts to viral video of mechanic who returned N10.8m mistakenly transferred to his account (Watch)

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Kate Henshaw, a Nollywood actress, commended a Nigerian man named Timothy for exhibiting remarkable honesty after a significant amount of money was erroneously deposited into his bank account.

Timothy, who works as a mechanic, had N10.8 million credited to his account by a client but he promptly returned the money without hesitation, which is considered to be an unusual act of integrity in today’s world.
Kate Henshaw


In a tweet, Kate Henshaw shared a video of the money’s rightful owner expressing gratitude to Timothy for his honesty.

The car owner, who is also a customer of Timothy, praised him and recommended him as a reliable and trustworthy mechanic.

Kate Henshaw Mechanic man

Kate Henshaw shared the video online, extolling Timothy’s virtues and wishing him continued blessings.

“God bless Mr Timothy, who returned N10.8M naira that was mistakenly transferred to him. You will not lack, favour, peace and long life.” She wrote.

Watch video below,

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