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7 Companies Hiring In Canada That Offer Remote Work & Unlimited Paid Time Off

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It’s time to polish up your resume as there are numerous job opportunities in Canada that provide the option of remote work, and some companies even offer unlimited paid time off as an added perk.

This appealing work arrangement enables employees to work from the comfort of their own homes while enjoying the freedom to take as many vacation days as they desire.


If this sounds like an ideal work scenario, then you’ll be pleased to know that there are seven Canadian companies currently hiring that offer the flexibility of remote work and unlimited PTO.


Netflix has a unique vacation policy that simply encourages its employees to take vacation without any specific number of days off. The company believes this allows employees to prioritize their well-being and take a break when they need it.

Currently, Netflix is hiring a remote technical director for its Games Studio. The company is looking for a candidate who is passionate about creating new games and is willing to actively participate in the process. The salary for this position usually ranges between $150,000 to $500,000 based on the market value.

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Are you looking for a job with unlimited vacation days, flexible working hours, and remote work options? Consider applying to Uberflip, a marketing technology company that specializes in helping marketers create digital experiences for their content.

Uberflip is currently hiring for various positions, including a customer success manager and a software engineer, both of which offer remote work opportunities. In case you do not find a suitable position, you can still join Uberflip’s talent network.

Although the salary for the roles is not specified, Glassdoor reports that a customer success manager earns over $87,000 per year, while a software engineer can make up to $95,000.

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Assembly AI

Consider applying if you are interested in working for Assembly AI, a company that develops speech-to-text recognition models for captioning and transcribing video content. 

The company is seeking candidates for multiple positions and provides unlimited paid time off to ensure employees have ample opportunities to rest and avoid burnout. 

Additionally, the company offers $1,000 to help employees improve their home office, and enables them to work remotely with a flexible schedule. Available positions include sales, marketing, and engineering roles.

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If you’re interested in working for a video communication platform, Loom is currently seeking people for several roles, including people and revenue positions. 

The company provides flexible paid time off and a summer break in July as well as a winter break in December. 

Although some positions require employees to work in the United States, Loom also has staff in Canada and offers remote work options.

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Consider applying if you are interested in working for Unsplash, a photo platform that provides free images for various projects. Unsplash is a “remote-first company,” which means that it offers flexible working hours and enables employees to work from anywhere. 

Moreover, the company provides unlimited vacation but encourages employees to take at least three weeks off for good health. Additionally, Unsplash offers company retreats to its employees. Currently, the company is hiring producers and an SEO strategist.

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If you’re looking for a company that prioritizes work-life balance and values flexibility, consider applying to Almanac. This platform is designed for asynchronous working, which means that employees can work from anywhere as long as they have reliable Wi-Fi.

Almanac has a distributed team spanning across nine countries and seven time zones, and they offer retreats and co-working weeks in different locations around the world. They also provide their employees with unlimited vacation time, a $400 remote work stipend, and a $200 annual learning stipend to support their personal and professional growth.

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Currently, Almanac is hiring for various roles, including a growth manager and a senior full-stack engineer.

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Ultimate Kronos Group

Consider applying if you’re looking for a job at UKG, a tech company that assists businesses in responding to their workers’ requirements. The company has various perks, including unlimited personal time off for Canadian employees, tuition reimbursement, scholarship programs, and discounts on entertainment options like movie tickets and theme parks.

UKG has both virtual jobs that permit complete remote work and hybrid roles. The company is presently recruiting for remote positions in Canada and hybrid employment in Montreal.

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