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5 Times Omotola’s Clothes Brought Her Insults (Photos)

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Actress Omotola Jalade Ekeinde is one of the most popular, most successful, most talked about, and most recognizable actresses out of Nigeria today. With a career than spans over a decade, Omotola has been a real superstar and trendsetter for a very long time.

Here are 5 Times Omotola’s Clothes Brought Her Insults.


1. People were swift to comment when Omotola posted a picture of herself wearing this see-through print gown and asking followers to comment “yah” or “nah”.

While some people liked it and many even praised her pink hair, the outfit itself was the subject of so much ridicule. One person said: “The hair is so beautiful but the dress looks a bit too desperate. Omosexy is far better than that“, another person said “nah you don’t have to look this way. You’re a woman of integrity and a lot of people adores your irreplaceable personality, but that look is a nah nah for you”, and these are just two of the many comments. Responding to the barrage of comments, Omotola said:

Dear fans, friends and foes. You do know you all come on my page right? How you comment puts you in one of these categories (fans, friends or foes) and how I and others view you. You can disapprove respectfully or follow the instruction of just saying ‘Yah’ or ‘Nah’ or just moving on to more worthy people? Don’t become my enemy, it’s not worth it.

2. In 2011, Omotola was celebrated as the first Nollywood actress to walk the Grammys 2011 red carpet, until the actual pictures came out.

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Once the pictures came out, people went in on Omotola’s look on the red carpet. Someone said: “I can’t believe Omotola wore dis rubbish 2 d grammys. like r u 4 real?” while another said, “This Omotola is looking so awful. I think say na because she don dey age” amidst many more.

3. Omotola was on the tongues of people when pictures from The Wedding Party 2 premiere came out. Her outfit, although liked by some, was hated by a lot of people.

Someone said: “This dress no fit am. Look like something from Madame Tussauds” while another said: “Horrible miss! O’ gbara penalty ya gaba throw in” amidst more.

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4.  Omotola’s outfit to the 7th Birmingham International Film Festival was considered a hit by some and a miss by many.

Someone said: “Her hair is beautifully made, but that dress what the?? is going on?” and other said “Banging body buh dt dress is fugly” amidst more.

5.  When Omotola posted videos and pictures of  the hangout she had with her fans, a lot of people were quick to point out the length of the slit on Omotola’s dress especially when she was sitting down.

Somebody said: “the slit dress is a bit too exotic, and she sitting down it was exposing her thigh a bit too much” amidst more.

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