5 Fully Funded Scholarship Opportunities in Canada you don’t want to miss in 2023


The scholarship options in Canada are a fantastic method for international students from all over the world to realize their aspirations of studying abroad.

Canada is an excellent area to consider because some of the most esteemed universities in the world are located here. It is obvious that studying abroad is an adventure full of diverse experiences, and that a Canada degree is respected throughout the world.

There are many sponsors that are eager to fund the education of dedicated overseas students because studying abroad is expensive. The Top 5 list of fully funded scholarships in Canada is provided below; carefully review the guidelines before applying.

Below is List of Scholarship Opportunities in Canada.

1. Yorkville University Offers Fully Funded Scholarship Awards in Canada – 2022/2023

Getting a degree is almost always a wise investment. Therefore, Yorkville University in Canada is happy to offer fully funded scholarship awards for students who aspire to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree in order to support students in their pursuit of a degree. For the academic year 2023, applications for this scholarship are now being accepted.



2. Lakehead University in Canada Offers International Entrance Scholarships – 2022/2023

For the academic year 2022–2023, Lakehead University is happy to accept applications for international entrance scholarships. The bright international students who wish to enroll at Lakehead University in Canada may apply for these opportunities.

The Lakehead University International Entrance Scholarships Program honors the academic accomplishments of international students enrolling in full-time undergraduate programs.

3. Ryerson University Scholarship Offers (Ted Rogers MBA Black Graduate Leadership Awards) in Canada 2022/2023

The Ted Rogers MBA Black Graduate Leadership Award, presented by Ryerson University Scholarship, was created to support full-time or flexible full-time black graduate scholars pursuing their academics at the Ted Rogers School of Management.

4. Dalhousie University in Canada Offers Killam Predoctoral Scholarship Awards – 2022/2023

The Killam Predoctoral Scholarship Awards are being given out by Dalhousie University with enthusiasm. This is available to international students who wish to attend school in Canada in the academic year 2022–2023.

Any Dalhousie University-taught field at the Masters or Post Doctorate level is eligible for the funding. The application is still open, and there is no specified deadline.

5. Winter Internships in Canada 2023 for Students Apply Now!

Applications for winter internships with Canadian businesses in 2023 are currently being accepted by students. One of the best career decisions you can make is to intern in Canada. Interns have the chance to gain priceless experience in famous companies in Canada, one of the richest nations in the world.

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