10 Best Weekend Jobs to Boost Your Income

weekend jobs


There are numerous reasons why someone may consider seeking a job on the weekends, either as a replacement or an addition to the typical 9-to-5 workweek. For instance, some individuals may need to augment their income from a weekday job. 

Others may have a partner available to care for their children on the weekend, allowing them to have availability for weekend work. Students with busy schedules during the week may opt to dedicate their weekend hours to paid employment. Alternatively, some workers may prefer to schedule their work hours on the weekend, freeing up weekdays for other engagements.

Types of Available Jobs

Certain job roles are open for weekend work because you have the flexibility to arrange your own schedule. 

However, there are other job positions where there is a need for employees who are available to work during the weekends. The advent of the gig economy and remote work opportunities provide a wide range of choices for those who prefer to work on weekends voluntarily.

These opportunities are accessible at various levels of education and expertise. In addition, there are several sectors, such as hospitality, retail, travel, and real estate, which witness high demand over the weekend, providing potential job openings.

Good Weekend Jobs to Earn Extra Income

Take a glimpse at some of the top jobs that are suitable for individuals seeking weekend employment, along with a summary of the job responsibilities and possible earnings.

1. Rideshare Driver

Becoming a driver for ride-sharing services such as Uber or Lyft grants you the freedom to work whenever you prefer, even exclusively on weekends. Weekends tend to have higher demand as potential customers often require transportation to recreational and commercial locations like restaurants, bars, cinemas, and shopping centers. To expand their earning prospects, several drivers work for multiple ride-sharing services.

To work as a ride-share driver, you need to possess competent driving skills and have access to a well-maintained vehicle. According to Glassdoor, Uber and Lyft drivers generally make around $15 to $20 per hour.

2. Retail Sales Worker

Numerous stores witness a surge in customer traffic during the weekends, leading them to hire additional staff. Retail sales clerks, as well as other employees responsible for organizing and stocking goods, must possess exceptional customer service abilities and be attentive to detail to ensure accurate transaction processing. Working in retail necessitates spending long hours standing on your feet.

3. Amazon/eBay Seller

the weekends. While they may need to attend to some buyers during the week, they can list items, package, and ship orders on weekends. The period of peak online sales coincides with the holiday shopping season.

Both platforms impose various charges for listing and selling items. The fee structures are slightly different, but sellers can expect to pay 10-15% of the product price in fees.

4. Wedding Photographer/Videographer

This job may be ideal for photography and videography enthusiasts as most weddings are scheduled on weekends. While meetings with potential clients may occur during weekdays, the majority of the work, including creating a website with portfolio samples and editing photos and videos, can be completed on the weekends. 

Wedding photographers and videographers have the potential to earn a substantial amount, with an average fee of $2,000 based on data from WeddingWire.

5. Handyperson

Home repairs are often needed on weekends when working families are off. Customers may not have the time or skills to complete small jobs, such as light plumbing work, painting, installing light fixtures, repairing drywall, or minor carpentry.

According to Home Advisor, the average hourly rate for handyman services ranges from $60 to $125. Budding handymen and handywomen can develop a customer base by taking on jobs for friends and neighbors.

6. Wedding Musician or DJ

Weekends are the usual time for weddings, making it a great opportunity for musicians who can also schedule practice time on the weekend. While you may have to arrange meetings with potential clients during the week, most of the work can be done on weekends.

Wedding bands need to have a repertoire that caters to different generations and musical preferences. According to WeddingWire, the average wedding band charges $4,500 for their services.

7. Bartender

On weekends, bars and clubs receive a high volume of customers, particularly sports bars during college and professional football events. Wedding and event venues also provide opportunities on weekends.

Bartenders need to have expertise in mixing drinks, a vibrant personality, excellent listening, and customer service skills. Since they earn most of their income from tips, their compensation can vary significantly based on the volume of customers they serve.

8. Registered Nurse

Hospitals and healthcare facilities require additional staffing on weekends, leading to a high demand for registered nurses. Per diem nurses, who are hired on a daily basis, can earn a premium for weekend shifts. It’s not uncommon for these RNs to make $100 or more per hour.

9. Freelance Writer/Editor

Workers in the field of freelance writing and editing can produce website content, marketing materials, business reports, and feature articles. Editors typically proofread written work, make grammatical corrections, and improve its readability. 

As these tasks can be done on weekends, freelance writing and editing may be an ideal opportunity for those with weekday commitments, such as students or other workers.

10. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers utilize their creative abilities, aesthetic sensibility, and expertise in working with desktop design programs to generate visual components for various mediums such as web pages, brochures, logos, packaging, advertisements, reports, and presentations. 

Their role is to translate the clients’ ideas into viable designs. Having web development and writing skills can be advantageous if the designer is working alone. 

Freelance designers handle a significant portion of the design work carried out in the United States, especially for projects involving small businesses and individuals. They can work from home, even on weekends.

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